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3 3 as jonathaa warned us... we snow across our egion this
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forra slick morning commute. pommute.megan gglliland is at this hour.hings are shhping lib...... ad lib...i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning nees.
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news.fox45 morning i'm megan gilliland, ad lib...i'm megan gilliland, fox44 morning news. a three-alarmmfire breaks oot in downtown baltimoree it happened at 12-45 this
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morninggin a three-story building at north calvert nd read street.the building is mmde up of office space and pnside at the time.the auue of heeffre remains under investigation. one man is dead and another is huut following double paltimmre.we were on the scene wwlking on north milton avvnuu when they were approached by a man was shot in the heed and died...the second victim was shot in the chest and is expected to par...nn arrests have been made. the man who bringsscharlie brrwn to life spoke aapears ii a california courtroom. courtroom.petee robbins..the man behind thh oice of charlie brown... ii charged with death treats against a police officer.. a doctor and two others.the 56-year-old was arrested earlier this week at a u-s border entry whee officers realized he was wanted n san diego. police say hewas unhappy with his girlfriends augmentation after paying for it. robbins vviced phe sttr peanuts character
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replaced at 14 when his voice changed. there are new claims this morninggthat beeonce did lip- inauguraaion day. beyonce apparently arrived latt thee night beeore monday's time to rehearse the national anthem with the u-s marine band.according to an inaugural official, the inger made the decision herselffthaatsame night o useethe preerecorded version of the song, inntead has yet to comment. some couples take a year or more to plan their wedding.but we're doing ii in just one weekkit'ssour wedding in a week contestt.. and you can eeter to win an all- expenses- paii weddinn... on us. eeter.. tell us in a should win.send your entry to "wedddng in a week".. 2000 west 41st street in baltimore.. 21211... or log onto oxbaltimore dot com to eeter... be sure to rrad the officiil rules and entry!and it's all brooght toor! you by the baltimore briial convention center february 2nd
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coming up... suiig the n-f-l. made by the family of former linebacker unior seau... you're watching fox 45 morning ne
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tell us about hairspray tte expect?- what can we see? 3
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hairspray in concert runs january 5th through january syyphony learn more log on to fox baltimmre dot com slash morning. 3 3 3 & 3
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3 coming up... cuuting your life short... by a decade. many years ssokees can get aak... by quitting.
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a groondbreaking decision by the pentagon.the nee createe foo women in tte militaryyou're watching foxx45 &pmorninggnews.. all local.. al morning. ((break 2)) [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt.
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the player's suicide.the prongful ddath, buttdoesn't oo specify a figure forrdamages. the 43 year old shot hiiself in the chesttlast year at his determinee he had chronic traumaticc ncephalopathyy ssying itthas not yet seen the lawsuit aad that it wasn't appropriate to comment on stands behind its products. - some folks who read lance nottabout the bike" want their - money back.armstronggrecentty
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&pcoofessed to sing drugs to pis even tour de france wins. now, a class ction suit against armstrong ann his book publishers accuse themm f peddling fiction as fact. the lawsuit, filld this week in california, lso mmntiins aammtroog's otter book, "every second counts." a major change for the military this morning..the u-s of excluding omen from combat panetta will make the ry leon - announcement today and thinks the prooess will be complete by 2016.but officials say that doesn'' mean everr coobat &pposition will be available t military will haveeto examine every job and assess how to integrate. american aarlines is uudergoing is a ook at one of the first aarplanes to sporttamericaa's officials say they are incorporating the nnw look into the 550 new airppanes joining the american fleet.
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new york real esttte mogul donald trump could be the new ownerrfor theenew york times. having financialltroubles been - has been holding meetings &pabout ppssibly buying the company.trump's office wwuldn't commmnt specifically rule out aa attempt to buy the paper. coming up... a man has two cars one day. pooice believe the thief may have gained aacess to the second vehicle. mcafee says: if we don't do somethinn dramatic to turn this around there will be a billion deaths in the 21st ceetury from smokiig. smoking.a new study... highlighhs theedangers of much mmoe likely smokers are to die early... than people whhodon't light up. you're watching foo 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((breakk3)))-
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before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit ((bump in)) while it may not be tte fountain of youtt... iitwill help you livv longer. so what's the secret... stay away from smoking.ainsley arhardt study. a new study hhs found that people who smoke cutt least en years. while adverse health effects, researchers say this lateet inquiry is uulike anything done in the past.mcafee saas: article to look at the entire us populatton, a -prrpresentat
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populatton and link it to status" about 1-point-3 billion people smoke worrdwide, 35 million are in smokers here are three times ages 25 and 79 than non- smokerr... and about 60 directty attributed to smoking. mcafee says: "ss thhse are very veey worrisome findings known for years that smoking issnnt a good thing to o and to do" the thing - findings are even worse or women. females who light as men. and the risk of ddinggof lung cancee is moree than 5 times higher foo women. researchers hemselves note, - in perhaps it's veey unvarnishhd termsa"aa&. if &pyou smoke like a man, yyu're gging to die like a man." doctoos say if the amount of smokers doo'' come down, it will lead to dire consequences.
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mcafee says: if we don't do something dramatic to turnn phis arrund there will be a billion deaths in the 21st tag) now here's the good news, it's never too late tt quit. the ttdy, printed pn the new england joounal of medicine, found that smokers gained back several years of their life. in new york, ainsley earhardt, fox news. 3&coming up... an important diicovery in a galaxy far, far . away..he amateur astronomer who captured the new images. ((megan live tease)) ((break 4))
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&pcoonty carroll county county frederick countykent county 3 3queens anne county pubbic
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schhols closeddt. marr's county ublic schools - ccosed
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map 195 map 40 map liberty map with beloo freeeing tempeeatures again his slick ride into work his morni. mmrring.megan gilliland is live innorthhbbltimore with a look at whaa we're dealing with out there. ad lib... lib... 3 3&ad lib...i'm mmgan gilliland, fox45 morring news.
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police charge a west baltimore restaurrnt owner with club.the ownnr of raa-a-ter is pcarged with operating the bar, filling the lace past - it's capacity...and not havinn a securitt firm.on january 13th...sean rhodes was shoo and killed outssde the bar...and two others were shot as just over a year, 7 &ppeoppe haveebeennshot outside the,,rhodes' family want the club shut down... "haapening over anddover again, these afttr hoor lubs no police 3rotection" protection"we made several attempts to conttct the ooner,, a missourii mmn says hii hhm. idling while he paid for fuel
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day.tommy barker left his s-u-v running tt keep it warm at a gas someone drove off in it.barker called the police and finished his s-u-- he owns..e was at home s-u-v disappeared oot of his crook found an extra set of - keys to the seeond vehicle inside he first onn. "what a errible day. terriblee don't know who would do that. why would you -- stole one caa from the person. then you come back and victimmze themmagain and take bothhtheir ccrs.. &pcars."barker believes a paychecc stub may have also where he lives.he's now changing the locks to his home. federal transportation iivessiggtors are performing tests... to figure out what caused tte electrical problems with mmnufacturers in arizona to run a series of newwtests on the airline's battery systems..abattery-related fire
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pircraft.... and a second incident in japan frced a global shutdown.boeing says it's working around the clocc to resolvv the issue. actor ashton kutcher will be appearing at "macworld...i- world" in san francisso next week.he'll be sharing his founder steveejobs in the e coo upcoming film "jobs."the conference bills itself as the ultimate i-fan event where apple lovers ccn see the related to the company's devices.event orgaaiiers say they expect more than 25- poming up.... looking for fuel efficiency? efficiency?the car that got over 100 miles a gallon in consumer eports test. foo 45 morning news.. all
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local.. all morniig. ((break 5)) mmmmmm. a choice of 6 skillet entrees,
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each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. an astronomy teacher from connecticut uncovers an amazing view of a sstelllte galaxy of the milk way.josh lake found the images while digging through rchives oo the hubble spacc telescope.he was takinggpart in thh "hubbll hidden treasures" photo contest aa thh time.
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time.participants weee challenged to find hubble data &pthat was never releesed to th puulic... and turn ittinto stunning images.this is the original archived picture..t shows a large cloud floating see pockktt of gas clouds within the gglaxy collapsing to form new stars. (toss to weather)) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 33
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coming up... keeppng the country... afloat. pfloat.the "no budgee, o pay" plan coogress had to agree to... to raise the debt ceiling. p seriously close all... for a toddler in russia.the amazing video... that shows the child being ttrown from the back f aa'ree watchinggfox 45 mooning news.. all locall. all morning. ((brrak 6)) let's play:
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[ all ] who's new in the fridge! our mystery guest: ensure complete... you support bones? [ ding! ] i've got calcium and vitamin d. oh! immune system. [ ding! ] one word: antioxidants. heart health? [ ding! ] my omega 3s never skip a beat. how 'bout muscles? [ ding! ] i have protein and revigor to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. [ ding! ding! ding! ] that's a winner! ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help you eat right. [ major nutrition ] ensure complete. nutrition in charge. 3 new thii morning... allow the tteasury department - to borrow new money unnil mid- may. the bill &prequiire bott chambers f congress to pass a budget resolution or havv their pay withheld until they do. ouse democrats blasted the gimmicc. senate icall- majority leader harry reid has said the senate would passsthe bill andd.. the oppose the measure.ould not
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business is pppaaently boommng for dollar general. the discount retailer has announnee that 6-thousand newwjobs in thee next year. company officials say they also will and they plan on .. othee sttres. relocatiing 550 how many cows are there in canada? how would peoplee communicate in a perfect world? if you were to gettrid of one state in the u-s, whiih woulddit be and why? if ou're you better be ready to answer these questtons and oohers liie them. glass-door-dot-com is out with the top 25 oddball and you'll be shocked by what some companies are asking. reee marsh is live in washington with her favorites. 3 & 1) those are some offthe strrnge questions that
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could beethroon ur way but are tteee some basic questions that job applicants should be 3 be preeared for?applicantss should qqestions that job there sooe basic our way but are could be thrown questions that f the trange 1))those are some 1) those are some of the strange questions thaa
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&pcould be thrown our way but are there some basic questions that job there some basic our way but are could be ttrown questions thaa offthe strange 11)those are some of the strange questtons that
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&ppould be thrrwn our way but are there some bbsic qqestions prepared for?icants should be - coming up... too good to be true?the &preeults of connumer report's pest... on vehicles that claim to get up to 100 miles per gallon. the vice president is talking up the president's gun support for the proposal.- mornins.. all local.. all more and more car coopanies
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are coming out with cars tat are all-electric - no gas neeeed. several cllim thee equivalent of 100 miles per tax credit of up to 75-hundred dollars could have you phinking about getting ann ellctric vehicle. consumer rrports just tested some of the latest ennries. entries. 3(v/o)ford cclls the ford focus fuel-efficient compact car in america. consumerrreports equivalent of 107 miles per gallon. theeengineers compared it with other all-eleetric sub-compact mitsubishi iimiev. (sot)"thh i-miev is eeen more fuel-efficient, geeting the gallon. it's alsooeasy to r - park, ut it's low and cramped, and it rides stiffly. in fact, our engineers thoughtt it was moreelike glorified ggll cart."(v/o)with any all- electric car, a primarr consideration s how far it
6:55 am
will go on a chaage. (natsot: charging)(v/o)consumer reports arrund 60 miles.(sot: rik paul) "it takes 21 hours to recharge the i-miee on household current, but yoo can get a your house that will cut that time down to six hours."(v/o) the most luxurious all- electricccar so far is the tessa model s. it claims a range of up to 265 miles. special charging stations can charge the battery halfway in just 30 minutes.(sot: rik paul) model s is that it's quick, itts also expensive starting top-of-the-line model is clooer to 100-thousand.. (v/o) phe ford focus electric falls somewwere in tte middle. thiss one consumee reports testee ccstt41-thousand dollars. its range ii about 80 miles. and a fful charge takes less thaa four hours with a 240-volt &pcharger. the ford focus electric performed well at the conssmer reports test track,,wwth impressive ride anddhaadling. it proved a llt more fun to
6:56 am
drive than the nissan leaa the first f the new wave off electricccars manufaaturers of all-electric cars..electric versions of he toyota av4 and smart fortwo are just outt... nd others are chevrolet sparkkev, honda fit - ev, and fiat 500e. coming p in ourr7 o'ccock lying... sort of. of.the few times the notre damm inebackerrclaims he knowingly talked about a girlfriend... that never existed. finding ways... to increase panel that plans to meet in pewtownn connecticut... for the first're watchingg fox 45 morning news...all local.. all morning. ((break 8)) 3
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3 breaking that glass ceiling.. the new job women can hold in the ilitary. and terror on the higgway!the shockiig thing tat comes out of this s-u-v... after ii crashes. 3- 3 thursday, jjnuary 24. school delay 2 houus late:anne arundel
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countybalttmre citybaltimore county arroll counnt county freddrick countykent county counnyqueens anne county mary's county public schooos - closed ,
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33 p3
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3 as jonathan warned us... we are seeing a light covering of snow across our region this morning... and it could makee foo a slick morning commute. live in northhbaltimore with a look at how things are shaping at ttis hour. ad lib... lib... ad ib....'m mmgan iililaad,
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fox45 morning news.
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a three-alarm fire breaks out in downtown baltiiooe. it haapened at 12-45 this morninggin a three-story buiidiig at north calvert and made up of office space and apartmentt... but no one was of hh fire remains unddr se we continue to updaae you oo a story where one aa is dead and another is hurt following southeast baltimore.we wee on the scene around 9:33 tuesday nighttpolicc say the two en
7:05 am
were walking on north milton pvenue ear east monument street... when they were approached by a suspect who in the head and died...the ot chest and is expected to the far...nooarrests a mmjor change for the military this mornnng..the u-s military is enddng its policy roles. defense secretary leon . by 2016.but officials sayythat doesn't mean every combat position ill be available at once.eech branch of the pilitary will haveeto examine everr joo and assess howwto integrate. and... yoo ight want display at the abbahaa lincoln spriigffeld... illinois. this s actually one oof llncoln's stovepppe hatss n fact... thiisis the nly one he was known tt hhve orn beforr he became president. it's about 7 inches tall. historiins belleve lincoln bought it in the 1850s.
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3 p the onlyything better than seeeng your team in the that'ssseeing your team play... .on a really big tv. team makinn ittto the big on 3 game? joel dd smith is in towson to check out the esppciaall for sports fans. &p3 3
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an unbelievable site... caaght on camera. cameea.wwat sparked this suv to spin..and the unbellevable phiig that spplled oot f it. it. you're watching fox 45 morring news.. all ((break 1))
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pan and nimal... work together! together!what wws caught in this dolphin's ffn... that sparked a diver to jump to acti. actiin. yoo're aal ocal.. all morningg ews.. - [ lane ] are you growing old
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to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. ((break 2)) 3 new this morning... the faaily pf former liiebacker juniir the playee's suicide.the wrongful death, but doesn't of specify a figure for damages.. in the chest last year at his determined he had chronic traamatic encephaaopathy rrddeel issued a statement paying it haa not yet seen the
7:19 am
appropriate to commeet on pendiig litigation, bbt it stands behind its proddcts. &pthe panel charged with reviewng the deadly newtownn school will meet for the first status of thh investigatiin of thhedecember 14th shootiig at sandy hook elementary school , emplooees were killed.the ix - panel has untillmarch 5 to suumit initial recommendaaions. ttking the president's anni- - gun violence agenda nnthe officials will go to richmond, pill reduce gun violence.last y montt, the president gave together the administration's sweeeing gun control proposals. the vp issallo expected to play a major rrle in pushhng those propooals hrough pongress. 3 hey hon!.... enjoo ...hairspray the coocert as it
7:20 am
kicks off at the joseph meyerhoff symphony hall this weekend. emily gracey joins s for this mornings hometown hotspot. - tell us about hairspray the concert.--what else can we expect?- what can we see? 3haaispray in conncrt ruus january 25th concert runs - coocert runs january 25th
7:21 am
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through january 77h. at the joseph meyerhoff symphony hall. to learnnmore log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. another admission by manti te'o. te'o.the new lle.. the notre dame linebacker admits to telli. telling.and'' story ou have to see to believe.what sent this vehicle spinning. into oncooing ttaffic on this bbsy highway!! morning newss. all local.. all morning.
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john leopoldds trial continues wednesday...and whaa they say.. eopood told them.. after committing an alleggd
7:28 am
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school delay 2 hourr lateeannn arrndel countybaltimre citybaltimore county carroll county frederick ountykent county countyqueen annn's counny public schools closed st. marr's county public schools - closed 33& p
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map 40 map liberty map shawn
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with below freezing morning coupled with a little bit of snow... it could be a slick ride into work this mornn. morning.megan gillilanddis live in north baltimore with a look at what e're dealing with out there. aadlib... lib... 3 foxx5 morring news.gilliland, -
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three officerr from anne arundel county executive, john leopold's s security... tessify at his trial on chhrges.they told theejudge about how leopold ordered them to pick up camppign checks and check campaign signs. they also say they drove him to aa leopolddcould eet his ot, so girlfrieed. afterwards, they say leopold descrrbed the encounter as, 'great sex'. " i think he is a slime ball. pbt i dont know if hes a criminal, that willlbe up to judgg sweeney to determine that" thht." the trial haa drawn a numberrof spectators... who are ccrious about the detaals surroonding the allegations against leopold. leopold's defense ssys nothing 'illegal' occurred. john kerry faces the senate .. - foreegn relattons coomittee for his confirmation heaainn... in order to become &pthe next secretary of tate. clinton ho is stepping down. if heeis named to the new post, a special electton will
7:35 am
be heed after the conffrmation. an interim senator to fill his vacant seat would be named to ssere untii the next to oppose tte nomination.ted - a 1-yearrold girl is terrifying scare on a moscow ro. road. check this out... a ehicle slides on the roads and clips a big rig; the girl is ejected from he away from an onccming truck. - incredibby... the rrg she is expected to be o-k. and officials say weather is saii to bb factoo. notre dame line baaker manti te'o admits to lying... making it the addits to lying... backerrmanti te'o notre damm liie notre dame line bbcker manti tt'o admits to lying... makinn it the second time hh's acknowleged spreading liess concerning..a ake... dead & an interview se
7:36 am
&phe lied to the media... briefly... aater leerninn that girlfriend was a online hoaa. that brings us to our question of the you beeleve ttis phone llnes are ooen now..the number to call 410-481-4545. 3 super deals are a tradition for businesses selling tv's around super bowl time. and with the ravens in the big game this year.... retailers hope you are ready for aabig purchase. purchhse. joel d. smith s in towsoo to show you which tv's make the moot some offthe super bowl ads &pthat will look great on nn t! good morninn oel d. 3
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we're following ray's last superddme ii new orleans.see ourrssories on the avens plaaoffs.... hear rrw and find other web links by going to our website... the "ray's last rrde" banner on our homepage. it's a video that has received worldwide atttntion... a dolphin being rescced by a diver in haaaii. hawaii. and... the ddver who freed the fish was amazed intelligence. you may ence. a fishing lne. thh diver seeminnly to draw his ullpqueal- &pattention. he says the 3 sooe of you are waking up to
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snow , this morning. here' s a live look of m & t bank stadium...when it ill warm up enough... to melttit! it! you're watchinn fox 45 morringgnews.. all local.. al orning. p, let's play:
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3 3 mmnti teeo makes another addission surrounding the hoax that's taken over. to thh media.. after finningg - out it was all aalie. lii.that brings us to our question of tte day..o you bblieve thhs version of te'o's story?our phone lines are open now.. 410-481-4545. now.. 410-481-45ou're watching news.. all local.. all mmrning.
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((break 6)) te'o spills the beans.he on)) admits to lying ... but oly breifly to the media..after it was reeealed tte death oo his supposed online poax!that bringssus to our
7:50 am
beeieve this version of teeo's story?our phone lines are open now.. 410-481-4545. baltimore janeen " wiil this story ever go away?"
7:51 am
"no, he lied once he will lie a" again."charl "at this point,, he's probably wishing this too!"damion"he was in on it we're dealing with it now... s! snow!but up next..we''e going toolook at what some are calling..stupid eather tricks! p45 morninggnews...a
7:52 am
living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma,
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or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damage. ((break 7)) ((buup in)) temperatures dip people get creative ttrning hot water into vapor or snowwthis year's prick involves a wet t--hiit. jeanne moos has the details. details. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows-- why juut trudge through thee cold whennyou can use it to it used to be
7:54 am
(nats guy tosses water)postinn theer weather tticks online....but hese days demonstrating what happees when you ttrow boiling water in teeperatures below zero. (nats ready? yeah instant stupid weather ricks...the -3 kknd we can't resist.(nats water to vappr at minus 40 beautiful day)su: but anyone who plans to try thisswhen bring an umbrella to avoid er - riskiig second degree burns. (nats toss hot water that ploatiig around the internet you'll see giant bubbles crystalizing in the cold. does subzero....(nats go ffrr popular stupid weather trick &pthis season seems to be the frozen wet teeehirtt.."ii took less than 10 minutes for it to central new york.""it only in took 6 minutes.""which we can now holl upside down because frozen solid. took 2-3 shirts leave you cold, how about a frozen banana...(nats hit)instead of a hammer..or a frozen egg in mmnnesota wheee it was 20 below. of courre an if it didn't. buttit looks
7:55 am
funnn. or if it's egg on your face yyu prefer, show up on tv ii a funny hat."that is a seeious piece of businesss i llke it. that's best ike that kevin.""now i may ook like a bank robber tonight, scott." just last week, jimmm kimmel was making fuu of soothern californiaanews anchors for freaakng out when temperatures dipped into the 50s.... "cold,cold,cold,coming our wayy""ww have eam coverage of this freezing cold weather." "the extra blanket, the heater, dog anyyhing you can do to keep warm. snuggle. how long will this arctic blast last."long enough for us to beat theefrozen t-ssirt... (naas bangs tshirt with mic) into the ground.(nats beats it beats) it's frozen"jeanne mmos you look like mickey mousecnn "it's not stiff yet but itts go, look at that whoa."new york- -----end-----cnn.script----- --keyword tagg--cold weather snap snowwice
7:56 am
coming up in our 8 o'clock hour.. get into shape... with thee elp of maa's best friend. priend.the new workout mix.and more trouule for llnce armstrong.whoois now suing him... ii he wake f his admission to using perffrmance inhancing drugs. you're watchhng fox 45 morning news.. all local.. aal morning.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
3- lance armstrong receives baaklass... from the literary community.the demands many readers who bouggt his autobiooraphy are mmking. mcafee says: if we don't do something ramaticcto turn this around there will be a century froo smoking. kill.jjst how much smoking can reduue a person's lifesppn... and why it's worss ffr women than men. 33 3 3 thursday, january 24tt.
8:00 am
school elay2 hours late:annn arundel countybaltimre city balttmore county carrrll county coonty frederick ccuntyyent countyy counttqueen anne's county public schools closedst. cllsed countyypublic schools - 3 3 3
8:01 am
8:02 am
3 as jooathan warned us... we pre seeing a light covering of morning....and it couud ake foo a slick orning ccmmutee &pcommute.megan gillilann is live in north baltimore with a look at how thinns are shaping lib...... ad lib...i'm megan gilliland, 3ffx45 morning news.
8:03 am
8:04 am
a last of old aii is griiping much of thee country... and forecasters &pthe week.o last throughout - weekktemperatures of 24-below and 33-below in north dakota. more than 66inches of snow has been reeorded in erie, pllws can barely keep pace. firefighttrs in chiccgo experienced a imiiar problem... when they struggled to puttout a blaze as water froo their hoses ttrned to icc. wind chill warninns and advisories now ii effect for hypotheemia issa concern. pit's indescribable almost ya know? unless youureally just the wind biting at your skin. you know its hard to really exxlain."
8:05 am
explaain"" foreccsters are prrdicting theee willlnot e any relief from theefrigid temperatuue until attleast this eekend. p three-alarm ffreebreaks out in downtown baltimore. it happeeed at 12--5 ttis morning in a three-story bbilling at north calvert and read streee.the builldng is made up of office spacc and apartments... but no one was insiie at the ime.the cause of the fire remains under investigation. north koree is warning the u-s wrote "full fledged" confrontat. confrontation.according to north koreanational defense commission is calling the uus quote "the sworn enemy of the ccrry out new nuclear testiig and long-range ocket launches. word comes justtdayy after tte u-n securityycouncil passed a resolution condemning northh korea's rockkt launch from last year. a portrait of the queen offenngand has been unveeled... more 60 ears years after it was painted.
8:06 am
the artwook has been under fire because it shows er majesty with a vvry long neck. but... one official iss - ddfendinggthe artist. it'' not badlyypainted, the perfect with the long neek but it was painted as if you were below ii looking up so the perspective would have been dif' painting had een in storage since 19--2. 3 p the only thing better than seeing yur eam in the superbowllin person? ttat's seeiig your team play... .on a really big tv. so are there some hometown deaas to goowith the hometown team makkng it to the big pame? joel d. smith s in towsoo to check out the prrces and ssme tv'ssthat are the same size as candace dold. good morning joel d. d.
8:07 am
8:08 am
we're following ray's last &pride ll the ay o the suuerrome in new orleans.see our stories on the ravens &pplayoffs.... hear raa interviews from the playyrs... and find othee web inkssby goinn to our website... ffxbaltimore dot com.((pat)) click on the "ray's laattride" you can become.. our faa of - &ppveryday we'll pick one of ou viewers from our facebookk fan just go to our facebook -3 foxbaltiiore.ook dot com slash - comiig up... get into shape... with thh help oo man'' best ffi. friend.the new workout programs that incorporate dogs into the mix. you're watching fox 45 morning
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get yyuu beehive &pready!...hairsprayythe concer &p kiiks off at the joseph meyerhoff symphony hall this weekend. emily gracey oins us for this
8:12 am
&pmornings hometown hotspot. - telllus about pairspray the concerrt- what else can we expect?- whattcan we see? see?
8:13 am
hairspray in concert runs january 25th thhough januaay symphony learn moree log on to foxx allimore dott com slash morning.
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3 p3 & coming up... coming up... country music
8:19 am
8:20 am
star miranna lambert... is baltimore.the u-sstour... e.-3 ttat's bringing her to charm "there's something motivating when you're running and your dog looks uu o yoouand i little bit longgr." n do a a boot camp that will whip you... áandá youu ddg... into shaae.the new fitness craze
8:21 am
that's popping uppin cities watching fox 45 morninn news.. ((bbeak )) 3
8:22 am
8:23 am
((bumm in)) new year, new you, ew workout. uttfor many people hitting the gym an be a bit good to ccange things up. so why not get your dog involved? here's susan hennricks ith today's health minutt. minnte. pt's a beautiful saturday is going to the dogs. which, in this case, is a good thing. meet duchess, titus and a few other ffrry friends, who aae called thank-dog oot camp. these four legged athletes, participating in a work out -
8:24 am
designed for man and beast. "our goal is to help people get healthy, ppimarily aad then work on obedience at the same time, so that their dogs stauffer (stauu(like ow)-fer) pnd hits the gym regularly. rrtriever, bentley and finds something motivvting whee you'reerunning and your dog looks up to you and i think all right i caa do a little bit it keeps it thh thank-dog work out it's - &poorginated in callfornia, the programmis popping uu n major don't let the prrsence of these pooches fool you. althoughhthey're allowed to take a break, their owners are porkout covers running, our - pushups, llnges: the works. "it is boot camp workout. i am a drrll sergeant. i am here to make sure ttat you wall out of herr knowwng you've worked yourself."and that'ssnothing
8:25 am
to sniff at. for toddy's health minntee,i'm sussn hendricks. coming p... miranda laabert... s starting off the year with a bang. nats from pkg phe busy tour schedule... that includes a stoppright here in &pbaltimore.yoo're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morninn. ((break 3)) [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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[ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport. uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." as in creamy yogurt down below. and a delectable, aromatic layer of blended fruity, moussey, uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language. wow. you really are bilingual. yeah, i dated a comma in high school. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. ((bump in)) miranda lambert is kicking off 2013 oo too. shh's onn ttur withhdierkssbentley and's a look at their show and miranda's busy year. 3 ittssa big awarrs
8:28 am
mmranna lambert as the grammy- the industry's top honor for - record"...sot - lambert says: "... grammy is kind of the utmost award you can get or just nomination for a grammy saying graamy-nominated is just as important asshaving it's nice to have one oo your &pshelf!"" then sse'll support and watch hubby blake shelton hosts the acm awards frommthe audience...sot - lambert says: "... it's a lot of work ann itts stressful andd &pyou have to be funnn and wwtt and i think it's exhausting so i'm goinn o leaae it to blake, he's good at it." miranda is also getting into reeaii, opening a store called "the pink pistol" n oklahoma...sot - lambeet says: "... it's so much fun toohave a store in myyhometown, it's just where i kind of go to prally bb nnrmal and hanggout. and the ink pistol t-shirts pnd swwatshiits that just say the piik pistol re what it's iid of a destination." he just kickee off her "lockee and reloaded" tour with diirks bentleyy..sot -
8:29 am
llmbbet says: "... dierks and i have really a competition pnd every nighh we want to push ach other tt be better. so i onlyythink we can keep growing with every night that we are on stagee" she always has a couple family members waiting for hhe off &pstage...sot - lambert says: "... as soon aa i step on that pus nd my two little rescue dogs arr thhree,ttey don'tt &pcare what iijust did, they i'm just their mom and they love me beeause i'm their mom." so thh mom of six adopted dogs and founder of the "muttnation foundation" chariiy is also now involved with aother "pet" project... sot - lambert saas: "... pedigree is going to come in and feed a shelter or sheltees in your commmnity for aawhole year but we need community. so that's hy i'm here, to on nommnate their community." miranda and dierks bbntley will be at firstt ariner arenaa tonight at 7-thirty. ccming up... lashing out at lies.the class action lawsuit
8:30 am
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p,3 school delay2 hours late:anne balttmore county carroll county county frederick couutykent county county queen anne's ounty public sccools closedst. mary's county public schools - closed 3 195 map 395 map 40 3
8:33 am
8:34 am
wwth below freeeing temperaaures again ttiss bit f snoo... t could be a le slick ride into work this mooni. live in north baltimore witt a look at what we're deeling
8:35 am
ad lib... lib... 3 ad lib... i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. &p 3
8:36 am
maryland's gasoline tax has not been incceasedin more than 20-years...but tate lawmakers aaeestill exploringoptions too boost revenne for transpprtationprojects. projects.senate president mike miller ssys he wouldlike to see baltimore city, anne arundel andbaltimore counties have the authorityto raise local property taxes...and use themoney xclusively for masss
8:37 am
transit.but he also wants to phaae in a salestax on ggaoline. 3&pmiller) "everyone would pay a mooest gas tax, a ttree percent salee tax tacked onnat the wholesale llvel and ttat would raise $300 million and that could beeused for entire state." the governor on any proppsall to raise the gaa tax r sales tax to boost transportation fundiigg p3 the numbers on howwmuch beee releasee... and it ve - appears that education ii one of the iggest factors inn making money. money. the bureau of labor says the average americannmade 775 dolllrs a week in 2012. those who ave are university educated earned -&m and... wookers with a high school diploma take home almost $650 wwek. the bii bucks can beefound in manaaement and the business sector. it appears some iggapple chefs are getting a little ccmera shy when it comessto their culinary presentations . . some restaarantssin new
8:38 am
from taking phooos of their food. appaarntly... too many people are taking photos of ruining the dininggexperience - some folks ho readdlance not about theebike""want their moneyyback.armstronggrecently coofessed to using drugs to booot his performance during his seven tour de rance wins. now, a class action suut againnt armstrong and his book peddling fiction s fact..thee lawsuit, filed thii week in aamstrong's other book,,"every second counts." 3 super deals are a tradition for businessess time. and wiih the wl - ravvns in the big game this &pyear.... retailers hope you are ready for a big purchase. smith is live in towson to show you which tt's make the moot sense for your room. good orning joel d. p. 3
8:39 am
8:40 am
3&we're followiig ray's last ride all theeway to the superdome in nee orleans.see our sttries on the ravens playoffs.... hearrraw going to our website... by - foxbaltimore dot comm coo.cliik on the "ray's last coming up... utting yourrlife short... by a decade. can get quitting.s - 3&pyyu're watching fox 455morni nnws.. all local.. all 3
8:41 am
mornnng. ((break 5)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 3
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cominn up... a new study... smmkinggmcafeeesays: if we don't do something dramatic to turn this around there will be a billion ddatts in the 21st century roo smokiig. smokiig.howwmuch moreelikely smokerr are to dieeearly... phan people who don't light up. a seriiusly close call... for
8:48 am
amazing video... that shows the child being thrown from waaching ox 45 morning news.. &pall looal.. all morning. ((break )) i do interior decorating and styling for bars and restaurants. [ male announcer ] whenever a business switches from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it -- the powerful difference 100% fiber optics really makes. i got it the first time i uploaded these massive design plans. it was kind of mind-blowing because it happened so fast. [ male announcer ] now do more business per second with the speed and reliability of verizon fios for business. get internet and phone for just $94.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus, get a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card. verizon.
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verizon visa pre-paid card. ((bump in)) whileeit may not be the fountain of youth... it will help you live longer. so what'' thh secret... stay awwy froo smokinn.ainsley earhardt has more on the latest scientific study. study. a new study has foond that ppople who smoke cut their life pannshort by at least ten years. whiie it's no surprise smoking has adverss health ffects, researchers say this lattst inquiry is unlike anything done in the past.mcafee says: &p"this article is the first &particll to look at the entire us population, a representative ample of the population and link it to death rrcords in smoking status" about 1-point-3 billion people smoke worldwide, 35 million are in
8:51 am
the u-s. scientists say more likkly to die between s - ages 25 and 79 than non- smooers... and about 60 directly attributed to smokingg- mmafee says: "ss these are very very worrisome findings that uuderscore what we've known for years that smoking is not a good thing to do and quitting is a veey good thhng to do" tte findings are even worse ffo women. females who liggtt up now die at a similar rate as mmn. and the risk of dyyng of lung cancer is mmre than 25 timesshigher ffrrwomenn lichtenberg says: "aa the researchers themselles note, in erhaps it's very unvarnished termsa"a&. iff youusmoke likk a man, you're smokers don't come down, it will lead toodire consequenccs. mcafee says: if we don't do something dramatic to turn this around there will be a billion deaths in the 21st ccntury from smmking.(anchor tag) now here's the good
8:52 am
quit. the study, printed who gave uu heehabit actually gained back several yeers of their life. in new york, ainsley eaahaadt,,fox news. coming p... american idol... descends on charlotte, north ca. carooina.nats: feeling good &pgood the talent... and lack thereof... that thh judges're watching local.. all morning. aal're watching lonew honey bunches of oats grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. american idol auditions
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
stopped in charlotte north carolina last night,candace is herr ith some highlights and low lights from the new seasoon the good singers were really good.... the bad were really's one of my favorites... 3 nats: feeling 3good good 3&pthat is joel.. a 20 year old
8:56 am
from carlisle pennsylvania.he thinks thatthe needs to lay down to ssow oof &phis vocal talent.he also told cotton candy. (((ccn))) of course the contestants who did make it hrough will have contestant who impressed the juddes last week.gurpreet sing sar-in also known as thhe turbanator was anninssann hit when singing a song from pats: sunday morning rain is f.
8:57 am
gurpreet did make it through tt hollywood ann he received a golden ticket.last night.. i tweetee the executive producer oo american idol ...nigel lythgoe.i asked him what he also that wet, i - - paved abouu gurpreets dance moves.i mean he's really got it going on.. so uch so that i had him try ray'ssdance when
8:58 am
week 33 3 3 -3 american idol returns toonght at 8-pm hhre on fox45. i want to know what yoouthink of the competition.i will be hosting a live chat during the phow on twitter tonighh.tweet meeat candace-d-fox-45 and use the hashtag fox45 chat. coming up on ood day bbltimore... the uuiversity of virrinii campuu... goes oo lock. lockdown.the early mooning report that police are now calling a're watching fox 45 morning news.. all pocal.. all morning. ((break 8))
8:59 am
i know that what jesus christ heard my momma's prayers. god answers our fervent heart-felt prayers, he answers those and delivers us. i realized that the stuff i have been through, the seven years i was on the streets, god was going to use it for his

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